Thank you for your interest in the European PSK Club. We would like things to go as smooth as possible, so please fill in all the fields of the registration form. Please note that you must be a licensed radio amateur or an active short wave listener to sign up to become an EPC member. Within one week you will receive a welcome letter and you can download your EPC membership certificate in a PDF format in the EPC Member Center. If you do not receive your welcome letter within one week, please contact us. Allow a few days for investigation and reply to your email.
Within few minutes after completing the application you will find a copy of the application mail in your mailbox.
If not then your email is misspelled or it cannot receive emails from Please double check.

Please show me the respect that you also expect.

Here are some minimal requirements:
1. Use the shift key! This key is not for decoration on your keyboard. Correct "Heinz Urban", incorrect "HEINZ URBAN" or "heinz urban". This is expected for all fields.
2. The address must indicate the location of the amateur radio station.
3. P.O. Box addresses are not allowed!
4. Give your address in the same form as you would give it to your food delivery man! "John Doe, New York" is not really a guarantee of fast delivery.
5. The locator must match this address.

Requests that do not meet these minimum requirements will not be processed!

Consent privacy and use of my data:
By submitting, I agree to the privacy policy and the storage and use of my data in the UltimateAAC software. I know that I can change my personal information at any time. Furthermore, I accept the indefinitely use and storage of my call sign and the EPC membership number in UltimateAAC.