Thank you for your interest in the European PSK Club. We would like things to go as smooth as possible, so please fill in all the fields of the registration form. Please note that you must be a licensed radio amateur or an active short wave listener to sign up to become an EPC member. Within one week you will receive a welcome letter and you can download your EPC membership certificate in a PDF format in the EPC Member Center. If you do not receive your welcome letter within one week, please contact us. Allow a few days for investigation and reply to your email.
Within few minutes after completing the application you will find a copy of the application mail in your mailbox.

The address, you enter below, have to be the address of your QTH - not your QSL address!!!
I have never seen an established radio station with antennas in a mailbox


Zustimmung Datenschutz und Nutzung meiner Daten:
Mit dem Absenden stimme ich den Datenschutzbestimmungen und der Speicherung und Verwendung meiner Daten in der UltimateAAC Software zu. Ich weiß, dass ich meine persönlichen Daten jederzeit ändern kann. Desweiteren akzeptiere ich die zeitlich unbeschränkte Verwendung/Speicherung meines Rufzeichens und der EPC Mitgliedsnummer in UltimateAAC.