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Change log

  • FIXED FT8DMC WPX endorsement application
  • Dear Award-Chasers!

    We regret to inform you that all Awards related to IARU (Region 1,2,3) will no longer (and never again) be available. It seems that the IARU does not appreciate free publicity and therefore did not grant us permission to use the word „IARU“ or the logo on our awards. This forced us to cancel this very popular programme (7000 award-applications in only a few days!). Please get your own opinion about this kind of „Ham Spirit“.
  • FIXED completely rename FT8DMC IOTA to WIA
  • FIXED FT8DMC WANA in overview tab it shows 10 instead of 30 for the dxccs min needed
  • FIXED application mail routine
  • FIXED sanction treatment
  • ADDED endorsements for FT8DMC WOSA, WPX and new WIARU1, WIARU2 and WIARU3
  • CHANGED some cosmetics
  • FIXED WIARU2 and WIARU3 6m application
  • CHANGED still improved the call sign validation - you are so creative!
  • ADDED endorsements for ERC DII, DIR, WDGB, WDJA and WDVK
  • CHANGED improved the call sign validation
  • ADDED filter for AP decoded call signs
  • ADDED FT8DMC WAGCC 30m endorsement
  • FIXED WAIPA-ALL application is enabled again
  • FIXED WIPA typo in query
  • FIXED WARA province counting when already filled a one letter province indicator into the state field
  • FIXED WAAM included into award list
  • FIXED WABA counting Antarctica
  • FIXED WGA AA00, JJ00 and RR73 will be ignored
  • ADDED ERC DII, DIR and WGA awards
  • ADDED band endorsements to the ERC WAS
  • WAAM adopted for managers
  • FIXED WIPA counting for endorsements
  • FIXED serveral minor glitches
  • BDM has been closed
  • FIXED serveral minor glitches
  • CHANGED DMC has been disabled until they are back...
  • FIXED WAIPA provinces
  • FIXED SDPA countings
  • FIXED DPUE application
  • ADDED WAOA award to the FT8DMC
  • ADDED WAJCA award, WAS-25 class and band endorsments to the DPUE to the ERC
  • FIXED "invalid email" error in MMPA
  • ADDED HamOffice direct access
  • ADDED award classes to ERC-MERC
  • FIXED IMA in line 190
  • FIXED WBA,WBSA,WSCA counting the same call sign more than once per award class
  • FIXED WBA,WBSA,WSCA counting one one call sign per DXCC
  • ADDED band endorsements to DEA award, new DPA, MERC awards to the ERC
  • FIXED WAIAxx application problems
  • FIXED WBA,WBSA,WSCA counting same call sign on different bands problem
  • CHANGED rules for 30MDG Friendship award
  • ADDED WASCA, WBA, WBSA, WSA, WSCA and WPX award to the FT8DMC
  • ADDED DEA award to the ERC
  • CHANGED numbers page in user data window: all membership numbers were set automatically by UAAC
    Update the membership database when you have received your new membership number
  • CHANGED a left click on received awards in my award window will download the award directly
  • FIXED DXCC determination for portable operations
  • ADDED UCS-2 support for ADIX files
  • ADDED VQLog support
  • ADDED European ROS Club
  • ADDED SIM31 Club
  • ADDED AppImage file format for Linux
  • CHANGED IS0 is valid for WAICA awards, too
  • CHANGED WIIA rules
  • FIXED 0 QSOs with UR5EQF Log for FT8DMC
  • FIXED UR5EQF log data not saved
  • CHANGED /mm are not valid for WAE awards, too
  • non public release
  • FIXED FT8DMC WAIP award counting the correct band
  • ADDED Call Sign Check to prevent the usage of "illegal" signs
  • CHANGED /mm are not valid for BSC, WAC, WANZ , WAAC and WASA awards
  • ADDED tons of band endorsements for the FT8DMC awards
  • ADDED WAIA, WICA, WIIA and WVGA4 to the FT8DMC awards
  • ADDED IOTA recognition for WSJT log, simply add #IOTA EU-123 to the comment field
  • ADDED map to result of MGSPA, MGL and WGA awards
  • CHANGED SWL reports are not valid for FT8DMC awards, use SWL field in your log software or add #SWL into the comment field
  • CHANGED according to new rules of the 30MDG-MGL only a 4-digit GRID will be valid
  • FIXED DMC Special award is back on panel
  • FIXED missing WAGB-WAGB node, therefor all user data files will be deleted to start with clean config files
  • FIXED vanished WAGP
  • Quick bugfix release
  • FIXED WAIP endorsements
  • FIXED lost restrictions for WAGP (no DE)
  • FIXED lineendings for Mac and Linux on application (causes many troubles :-))
  • ADDED indicator "new awards worked" for clubs... Star at the right side of the icon bar
  • FIXED set application button active for WVGA2 and WVGA6 for 50 points
  • ADDED endorsements for the WAJCA award
  • FIXED zone calculation for logs without zone information
  • FIXED WANZ shows more than only four qsos
  • FIXED log check for Log4OM in MySQL mode
  • ADDED information for state and zone calculating in UAAC (can be found under "Help")
  • ADDED WANZ award
  • DELETED 6m and 30m endorsements from the WAGCC award because they are not workable due of license conditions in A6 and HZ
  • FIXED WAJCA: Prefixes 7K1-7N1, 7K2-7N2, 7K3-7N3 and 7K4-7N4 were issued during the call sign shortage era Apr. 23, 1990 - June 20, 2003 for Area 1
  • ADDED endorsements for the WAGCC award
  • FIXED "invalid manager email" message for BQPA, EPCMA, EPCCZ and UKPA awards
  • FIXED issue #ITUD not recognized for WAIPA
  • FIXED "invalid manager email" message
  • CORRECTED some typos
  • FIXED WPA award now really counts only DU not HL
  • ADDED WPA award in FT8DMC
  • FIXED WAIPA counting more than one time a province
  • ADDED BDMMA-6000
  • FIXED connection to log via DSN
  • FIXED manager detection
  • FIXED DMC Europa awards back on the tab
  • FIXED CDG and NDG manager identification for applications
  • ADDED WABA award and renamed One Hundred Countries Award to OHCA in FT8DMC
  • FIXED app crashed on open ODBC connection
  • ADDED Republic of Kosovo (Z6) as new DXCC starting 2018-01-21
  • ADDED support for the FT8DMC and its awards
  • ADDED support for query the application database in order to prevent multiple demands for the same award class
  • FIXED 30MDG ZL award was missing in the result window
  • FIXED SHPA result was not shown in the lists if the result was below 1000 points
  • FIXED ADX import no data
  • FIXED problem with unknown member when use a call sign from different DXCC
  • CHANGED selection query for the canadian awards take into account the state, county and EUArea
  • CHANGED selection query for the USPA take into account the calculated state if state is missing
  • CHANGED indicator from #SOTA to #SOPA due to copyright infringement
  • CHANGED KH4 and KH7K back on current DXCC list
  • CHANGED minor internals
  • FIXED "IMA 267" while award check
  • FIXED "SSL error" on XP. The SCHANNEL component in XP and Vista doesn't support TLS 1.2
  • FIXED "Abort Signal/IMA" if awards are waiting for you
  • FIXED "IMA" if you install UAAC over a very very old previous version
  • ADDED check the completeness of the application data before trying to mail the application
  • CHANGED some error handling routines
  • FIXED "Exclude Award" window missing column for the EPC awards
  • FIXED DXCC allocation for russian OP if they are portable as /2 = UA2
  • FIXED requesting unlock code for awards
  • CHANGED Split Manager menu into Help and Manger menus
  • CHANGED KH4 and KH7K now deleted DXCCs, valid for KH6
  • FIXED Prefix Province/Territory allocation
  • FIXED DXCC allocation for K[GHLP] if they are portable in K
  • FIXED "not member" problem for OPs who are registered with CEPT call signs, too
  • FIXED Error 878 - results from malformed ITU zone entries in your log
  • FIXED Error 260 - results from false import of old values
  • FIXED repairing routine for Error 260

  • I hope this fixes all update problems
  • FIXED update user data should not end in IMA
  • FIXED some minor visual unpleasantness
  • FIXED DXCC validation for D1
  • ADDED automatically mark 100% fullfilled awards.
    The function is selectable in the user data window, standard is on.
  • FIXED province and territory determination for the C2C and Northern Lights awards
  • CHANGED internals for the 30MDG applications
  • ADDED new #NO30 indicator for the comment field to reflect the
    30MDG rule that only QSOs made under a personal call are valid.
    Please mark all 30m QSOs which are not have been made with your
    current and/or former personal call sign to exclude them in 30MDG award applications.
  • FIXED application status if application fails
  • TRY to fix the IMA at the end of the logcheck
  • TRY to fix the IMA when opening the "My Awards" window
  • FIXED city and county evaluation in CUSPA
  • FIXED RRPA-Asia and -Europe evaluation
  • ADDED automatically update of all membership number, if applicable
  • FIXED WAS evaltuation in DMC and 30MDG

Please update the membership database from UAAC before running the update to V2.1.8

  • CHANGED automatically runs an update of all databases before updating the software
  • ADDED automatically update membership numbers for new club memberships

Please update the membership database from UAAC before running the update to V2.1.7

  • FIXED membership numbers were set to 00000, if you are not a club member

Please update the membership database from UAAC before running the update to V2.1.6

  • FIXED 30MDG 3000 Member evaluating
  • FIXED 30MDG Great North and Great Southern evaluating
  • UPDATED all membership numbers to five-digits with leading zeros,
    apart from the DMC SWLs where the format is SWL0000
  • FIXED some minor glitches
  • ADDED Email check.
    If we can't answer to your email you will be received an info popup and you can't apply for awards until you have fixed the problem.
  • FIXED missing awards in Window "exclude Awards"
  • FIXED counting CW qsos for 30MDG in case of determining BAND from QRG

Please update the membership database from UAAC before running the update to V2.1.4

  • FIXED Update UAAC ends in IMAs
  • USE ONLY 5-digits 30MDG membership number with leading zeros
  • FIXED WSPR not a valid mode for 30MDG awards
  • FIXED Display DX Awards correctly if you have less than 50 DXCCs worked
  • FIXED 30MDG Prefix award applying for the lowest award class
  • FIXED CANPA evaluation
  • ADDED membership info for the 30MDG award managers
  • ADDED suspension mode for 30MDG
  • FIXED doubleclick or clicking twice to "Open StandardLog" or "Open Log" causes IMA
  • FIXED activated Apply button at DX Master award, despite already granted award

For all 30MDG awards are SWL reports not countable.

Please add #SWL to your comment field for each SWL report in your log.
This will do the trick for all clubs.

  • CHANGED SWL reports not valid for 30MDG

Please update the membership database from UAAC before running the update to V2.1.0

  • ADDED 30MDG club with all awards.
    But keep in mind you have to be a member of the 30MDG to apply.
    If you are registered with another call sign in the 30MDG than in the EPC.
    Please insert in the number page of the userdata window your 30MDG membership number (5 digits fill left with 0).
    This must be done only rarely, but I have seen some SWLs ...
  • FIXED Log4OM TxPwr field for Log4OM >1.17
  • FIXED internal communication with the GUI while the evaluation
  • CHANGED Comment evaluation forgive more incorrect entries
  • FIXED ADIF log check for fldigi and comments
  • FIXED sudden death whilst log check

Please use the update function to get new language, county and municipality files!!!
Otherwise, strange things happen... :-)
  • FIXED DMC tab translations "Special" doesn't change to "Error Log" anymore
  • FIXED DMC WAS states selecting
  • FIXED CPPA counting
  • FIXED selecting active user when the call sign was previously issued
  • CHANGED CUSPA evaluation from "CNTY" check to "#AREA" check. Please check the rules for CUSPA!!!
  • CHANGED all canadian awards evaluation from "CNTY" check to "#AREA" check. Please check the rules for CAxxA!!!
  • CHANGED Sorting of the "Exclude Awards" window
  • FIXED EPCCZ problem in "my awards" window after an CZxx application
  • FIXED linked the correct MMPA result
  • CHANGED JMPA evaluation from "CNTY" check to "#AREA" check. Please check the rules for JMPA!!!
  • ADDED Hide or Show Error log CQ/ITU/States check boxes in user data window
  • FIXED Only active Call Signs - no ex-Calls - can apply for awards
  • FIXED duplicate GRWM at the end of the result
  • FIXED duplicate DKPA-DKRPA in the summary
  • FIXED CRC32 check problem
  • CHANGED "Error Tab States" wouldn't displayed
  • CORRECTED State and County reading from MixW logbook, for the other logs we are more restrictive
  • CORRECTED BENELUX, BSA, NSA only EPC members are valid
  • CORRECTED DMC-WAS duplicated states
  • FIXED MRSAPA no result for more than 10 and less than 50 municipalities
  • FIXED award rules links for DMC
  • FIXED MMPA application

    Application procedure:
    1) check the result and select the QSO which you like to see in the application and delete all duplicate ITU zones, you have now one QSO per ITU zone
    2) Check again (Button "CHECK II")
    3) If all is fine, Apply for the MMPA

  • CHANGED starting routine hopefully IMA in 151 is now fixed
  • ADDED print routine for PSFA and MGSPA lists
  • FIXED Metropolitan areas (MA) are not valid for DRSAPA
  • CORRECTED Mode reading from MixW ADIF exports
  • CHANGED CORSICA evaluation, for nonEPC you can add #AREA FR.CS.something or #AREA FR.HC.something to get a valid point
  • FIXED display 0% in EPCCZ-CZ10 result correct
  • ADDED workaround for HRD ADFI export "- NONE -" problem
  • FIXED Gadget positions for main window after sizing window on restart
  • FIXED POGA tab is gack again
  • FIXED CRUMB evaluation for ADIF logs
  • TRIED to fix the 1462 line IMA
  • FIXED Only club members can apply for awards apart from DMC awards
  • FIXED ADIF log check for lower case ADIF export works again
  • FIXED display 0% in EPCCZ result correct
  • Totally reworked
  • ADDED tons of awards
  • FIXED several dead links to the NDG (tnx UR5WCW)
  • ADDED ukrainian translation (tnx UR5WCW)
  • CHANGED only active Call Signs can apply for awards
  • FIXED double ESPANA-ESPANA in the summary (tnx 2E0BPP)
  • FIXED SASPA result (tnx DO1IP)
  • FIXED wrong continent in ASSPA and EUSPA
  • FIXED ITU zone issue in HRD5 check (tnx R6KEE)
  • FIXED ITU zone issue in ADIF check (tnx CT1BHG)
  • FIXED wrong link to BDM application (tnx US-W-43)
  • FIXED ESPANA application (tnx A92AA)
  • FIXED issue in EAMA for manager call sign detection (tnx 2E0BPP)
  • FIXED typo in manager email address
  • FIXED some graphical glitches (tnx DO1IP, UT8IT)
  • CHANGED some internas
  • FIXED ITU zone could not be corrected in DMC mode (tnx G4POP)
  • Merry Christmas and a HappyNew Year 2015
  • FIXED status "Applied" wouldn't be set for EPCCZ CZ01 to CZ14 (tnx UR7IGJ)
  • Each erroneous award application for the ITUPSK may be sanctioned by an immediate suspension.
  • ADDED check zones feature can always be used, whether you can apply for the award or not
  • ADDED new check for zones to ITUPSK, MMPA and ITU-DMC.Check button opens a page in your favourite explorer which shows you the contacts at a world map.All QSOs with a locator will be dosplayed. A red pin indicates some problems.Please do all changes in your main log file and recheck your log, if needed.
  • CHANGED sorting routine for EUAPA (tnx UR5WCA)
  • CHANGED R6K and R6R are valid for EPCRU and RGSPA
  • Moved to new server
  • DELETED LVPA award serie
  • ADDED link to russian award rules (not completely finished, but on a good way - tnx RV3SBS)
  • ADDED EUAPA-1100 - EUAPA-3000
  • FIXED set status for DKPA, EPCCZ, ITPA, LVPA, PLPA and PTPA
  • FIXED error in line 11745
  • FIXED typo in RPXPA
  • FIXED Win XP not started
  • ADDED EUSPA-11000 to 20000
  • DELETED RUPA awards from the ex EPC-RU
  • CHANGED EUAPA based now on EU Areas
  • CHANGED many internals
  • FIXED problems with the resultscreen if window has been maximized (tnx F6EAO)
  • FIXED typo in ESPANA email address
  • Works at least on Win8 (32 bit), too
  • FIXED DMC award query (tnx IU3CDG)
  • FIXED continent evaluation for DMC and NDG awards in ADIF and .log files
  • FIXED CQ and ITUPSK evaluation for ADIF and .log files
  • CHANGED EAMA application only with up to date membership database possible
  • ADDED ETPA activated areas are valid as joker for EU Area based awards
  • FIXED double RULO in "my Awards" window (tnx DD1UN)
  • FIXED Buttons not visible if you minimize the UAAC window while the log check
  • FIXED CQPSK you are responsible for the provided CQ zone in your log
  • CHANGED EAMA evaluation
  • CHANGED faster reaction to manager changes
  • FIXED MMPA Apply button is not active (tnx HA3HZ)
  • FIXED translation on the fly
  • CHANGED new EPCDL manager is DO1IP, Udo
  • CHANGED EAMA award evaluation
  • FIXED Wrong RUKR-SILVER counting (tnx 2E0BPP)
  • CHANGED the award application procedure
  • FIXED Lost SASPA... award status after "Missing RUPA_..." message
  • CHANGED No progress while the award application procedure
  • ADDED 15 new awards of the RUPA serie
  • ADDED option to save the results of each award
  • ADDED option to save Grid/Band/Mode combinations for PSFA as csv (tnx G6BFP)
  • FIXED EPCCZ remove doublets from evaluation (tnx UA3GX)
  • FIXED BEPA-BEEPC false "worked" status (tnx LW1DXH)
  • FIXED Language selection for new languages
  • FIXED resizing problems
  • REWORKED code for error in line 2357 UltimateAAC.pb (tnx UR3ES, RZ3DC, OH3OJ)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 4670 UltimateAAC.pb (tnx SP3DKH, S54JB, W3PV, OE3FRU, EA7CU, RV3EFP,...)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 4947 UltimateAAC.pb (tnx UN7DA, RA3PCS, UR3ES, RW9QC, UN8CC)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 13853 UltimateAAC.pb (tnx F1GRH, DO5ZOL, G4PDF, UA6WJ, RX3DVU)
  • FIXED date parsing for Swisslog (tnx LU7HEO)
  • FIXED counting SES in RRPA (tnx RV9DC)
  • FIXED error in line 151 UltimateAAC_EPC_old.pbi: no log datas to check (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 1610 UltimateAAC_Macros.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 1217 UltimateAAC_Macros.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 1258 UltimateAAC.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 2354 UltimateAAC.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 4667 UltimateAAC.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • REWORKED code for error in line 4756 UltimateAAC.pbi (tnx MANY OM)
  • FIXED EPCAZ remove doublets from evaluation and correct counting (tnx UA3GX)
  • FIXED error in line 235 UltimateAAC_DMC.pbi: us_calls_states.u30 is missing (tnx UN7FFI)
  • FIXED date parsing for DXKeeper (tnx RA4UDC)
  • FIXED date parsing for HRD DSN (tnx OK1FMY)
  • FIXED UR5EQF log selection
  • FIXED LVPA remove doublets from evaluation (tnx UA3GX)
  • FIXED give higher priority to manually added Areas and DXDAs (tnx RW3DQC)
  • FIXED counting 9A6ZT for EAMA, too (tnx UA3GX)
  • FIXED /P will be counted correct in EPCCZ (tnx UA3GX)
  • ADDED new EPCAZ award, manager 4J9Y
  • ADDED new LVRPA award, manager YL3GBC
  • FIXED DMC award status query crashed with "line 4745" error (tnx SP7QJB)
  • FIXED DMC Europe award status wouldn't saved (tnx UR5FCM)
  • FIXED functionless "Apply" button at the NDG check (tnx DL9KI)
  • FIXED empty "received" awards (tnx several OMs)
  • FIXED disappeared "Apply" button at the NDG check (tnx DL9KI)
  • FIXED all "could not found... in kernel32.dll" problems
  • ADDED Log4OM SQLite supportADDED pure MySQL support for HRD5, Log4OM and MixW
  • ADDED 9A to the EUROPA award
  • FIXED now counts all YLs (expected #YL in the comment field as requested in the award rules) (tnx R9OSN)
  • FIXED ADIF import with line breaks in the comment field (tnx LU7HEO)
  • FIXED "Excluding Window" shows the new EPCCZ awards
  • CHANGED ADIF log for correct reading the fldigi comment/notes field
  • CORR link to EPC-SP
  • CHANGED PECSA rules required three different CT/CT3 EPC club station each on one, two or three different bands
  • CHANGED CQ-/ITUPSK required GRID Locator in QSO datas otherwise the QSO was ignored
    • KNOWN Problem: UAAC (32) doesn't work at WIN8 have bought a Win8 (32) license and check what i can do at the first glance it looks that it's easier to rewrite the whole program :-(
  • ADDED EPC-CZ awards
  • ADDED MWCA-Fourth
  • CHANGED ITPA II manager to IT9AQC Francesco
  • FIXED YL award false check mark when email addresses have been added to the comment field (only latvian calls) (tnx EB5AL)
  • FIXED Alarm List creation (tnx IZ3DCN)
  • CHANGED ODESSA also counts #AREA and #DX addons in Comment field for nonEPCs in Oddessa region (tnx RW3EC)
  • FIXED some Proxy issues (tnx UA9MRY and AP2MIZ)
  • FIXED loosing settings (Proxy etc) (tnx UA9MRY)
  • FIXED DMC Europa award RTTYM is class 3 (tnx 2E0BPP)
  • FIXED counting SWLs for ODESSA awards (tnx R2EAA)
  • FIXED forgeting check marks in userdata window (tnx UA9MRY)
  • FIXED missing ETHA and EPCAA panels for SWLs (tnx I3-65709)
  • FIXED Download of us_calls_states file in DMC mode
  • FIXED typo in the application routine
  • FIXED /MM don't count for EUAPA (tnx G3ZOH)
  • FIXED UR5EQF log merging unwanted log tables (tnx UA9MRY)
  • FIXED ITU zone calculation for UN (tnx SP6LUP)
  • FIXED QTH query for OSCA and ECC with SWISLOG (tnx LU7HEO)
  • FIXED CQ/ITU zone calculation: your provided zones dominates the calculated zones
  • FIXED missing dll's
  • FIXED wrong version numbering
  • CORR manager email for BDM awards
  • CORR #WFF indicator in comment field for WPA works now (tnx UA3GX)
  • CHANGED New manager for BDM awards
  • CHANGED counting for LH numbers >1000 (tnx RU3EJ)
  • CHANGED CQ/ITU zone calculation for special cases like WH6LE/4, etc.
  • CHANGED application procedure (no window anymore)
  • ADDED #WFF indicator in comment field for WPA counting (UA3GX)
  • ADDED CDG Fifth Anniverary Award
  • CHANGED ADIF MM intro text to make it more understandable
  • CHANGED because of the server move a few routines has to be changed
  • FIXED ITU zone calculation (tnx RW6HFK)
  • FIXED Portable detection in WPA (tnx RZ3DC)
  • FIXED Continent detection for LU in SASPA (tnx RZ3DC)
  • FIXED IMA Error after several Award Applications (tnx ON6NL)
  • FIXED ShortNotes field problem with UR3EQF Log (tnx UA4NX)
  • FIXED PTPA-PECSA counting (tnx OK1WCF)
  • FIXED some cosmetics on the application files for the manager (tnx DL9HK and PA4JB)
  • ADDED UR5EQF Log3 direct access
    Please keep in mind that the logs.mdb would be opened exclusive from UR5EQF Log.
    1. Close UR5EQF Log
    2. Run UltimateAAC
  • CHANGED manager for NSA to Miguel, EA6SK
  • CHANGED manager for BSA to Álvaro, CT1BYK
  • CHANGED manager for ETPA and IOPA to Alistair, M0YDK tnx for the work to Mike, DO6BCO
  • FIXED uncorrect results after twice evaluation in EPC and CDG mode (tnx MANY)
  • FIXED FIXED IMA problem in NDG mode (tnx DK2CB)
  • CHANGED manager for EPCRU, RGSPA and RSPA to Andy RD6LK tnx to Andy, RW3DQC
  • FIXED GIOPA only SV5, SV8 or SV9 will count
  • for the MMPA you need both GRID as well as ITU field to validate the QSO
  • FIXED All routines for post sanction evaluation (tnx F2YT)
  • FIXED IMA problem in DMC mode (tnx W1MSN)
  • FIXED BDM award countings, also speed up the evaluation (tnx UW2ZW)
  • FIXED Odessa class diplaying (tnx 2E0BPP)
  • CHANGED manager for CQPSK, ITUPSK and MMPA to Henrik, DL9HK tnx for the work to Michael, DD4MS
  • FIXED empty "Award exclude" Window after updating member database (tnx F6EAO)
  • MODIFIED MMPA application
  • FIXED GIOPA and IOPA counting (tnx SV8GXC)
  • FIXED PTPA-PIPA result text (tnx UA4NX)
  • ADDED small ETHA window (just for info)
  • CHANGED internas moved completely to epc-mc.com
  • CORR ADIF QSO Counting (no longer cut down to 10. June 2006 and PSK250 has been eliminated, too)
  • FIXED ITPA-ARPA result text (tnx UA4NX)
  • CORR KZPA SES counting (tnx UN8CC)
  • ADDED ETHA tab for SWL application
  • ADDED direct log access for Hamlog32 by DJ6LS
  • ADDED direct log access for Airlink Express by KR1ST
  • FIXED BDM ADIF different result as other log files
  • FIXED DXKeeper CRUMB counting (tnx R9OSN)
  • ADDED new awards and manager to BDM
  • FIXED DXKeeper Call Sign Error, if QSO was stored as uncomplete (tnx R9OSN)
  • TRY TO FIX Invalid Memory Error, while switching between the clubs (tnx DF9DD)
  • FIXED ADIF Error, if QRG length is smaller than 5 digits (tnx R9OSN)

Please deinstall UltimateEPC V0.8.5.26 before installing the Update
  • FIXED ADIF Error: Digipan ADIF Freq Error (tnx DC2CB)
  • FIXED Log Error: Digipan Log reading Error (tnx DC2CB)
  • CORR UN section link (tnx UN8CC)
  • ADD new button "excluded Awards", select the awards you don't want to check (idea DK1IO)
  • FIXED EAMA Error: OE6JFG not counted (tnx OE6JFG)
  • FIXED DXDA Error: wrong DXDAs (tnx UA3GX)
  • CORR manager email (tnx ON2VHF)
  • FIXED "Invalid Memory Access" Error (tnx LZ4BU)

I have decided to rename UltimateEPC to UltimateAAC. This reflects more what it is...
The Ultimate Award Application Center!!!
The only piece of software that combines five digital mode clubs. The usage hasn't been changed. The only visible changes were:
  • new start window
  • "Numbers" page in the Users window
Never the less, lots of internal changes have been done. I hope that the Bugs are not not my best friends in the next days.
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.26DK5UR2011-01-06
  • FIXED RLPA scoring, hopefully for the last time
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.25DK5UR2011-01-05
  • FIXED YLPA scoring
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.24DK5UR2011-01-03
  • FIXED RLPA mode counting
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.23DK5UR2011-01-02
  • FIXED PSFA manager email address
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.22DK5UR2011-01-01
  • ADDED Locator check for RGSPA
  • CHANGED EPCMA manager to Miguel, EA6SK
  • CHANGED Manager email link has been moved to Help button
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.21DK5UR2010-11-11
  • CHANGED excluding UF6O and UF6V calls from russian awards, PHASE, SHIFT
  • CHANGED eliminate slashed zero
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.20DK5UR2010-11-06
  • ADD new Tab for EPCAA adif file (only SWLs)
  • CHANGED Tab layout
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.19DK5UR2010-10-02
  • CHANGED IZ2PRI new manager for EUTIA and ITRPA
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.18DK5UR2010-09-25
  • CHANGED DO7MDX new manager for EPCDL
  • CHANGED EC2AMN new manager for ESPANA
  • CHANGED G6BFP new manager for PHPA
  • CHANGED M0TVT new manager for PHASE
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.17DK5UR2010-06-03
  • ADD new SHIFT award
  • CHANGED new managers for CORSICA, FPXPA, FRPA, OFA (OS0S) and WPA (G6BFP)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.16DK5UR2010-05-09
  • FIX Sanctions for the ITPAs, PLPAs and PTPAs
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.15DK5UR2010-05-08
  • FIX Joker calculation in RRPA
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.14DK5UR2010-04-14
  • ADD EPCRU-1000 and RGSPA-250
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.13DK5UR2010-04-05
  • FIX Error in line 747
  • Don't use epc-dl.de as standard server !!!
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.12DK5UR2010-03-28
  • CHANGED WACPA evaluation
  • FIX ITPA/SIPA JokerQSO counts on or after 10. June 2006
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.11DK5UR2010-03-18
  • FIX Now non EPC members will count again for ESPANA award (tnx DH5WB)
  • CHANGED Standard Servers, please check your personal datas
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.10DK5UR2010-03-17
  • FIX EA8/EA9 EPC members will count for ESPANA award (tnx DF2QC, DH5WB)
  • CHANGED Link to EPC-MC (tnx HA7UL)
  • CORRECTED Translator for polish language (tnx to SP9BFC)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.9DK5UR2010-01-10
  • FIX About window crashes in Windows 2000 (tnx DD1UN)
  • CHANGED Download routines back to the roots to get rid of the CRCs
  • FIX SIPA joker counting (tnx to OE6JFG)
  • FIX WPA evaluation (tnx F2YT)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.8DK5UR2010-01-09
  • FIX various download problems (tnx to ALL)
  • FIX RRPA jolly countings, hopefully the last time (tnx RA3QH and others)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.7DK5UR2010-01-03
  • FIX Update problem and update window is now resizeable (tnx OE6JFG)
  • FIX EPC number length in statistic window (tnx RK3DSW)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.6DK5UR2010-01-03

Please have a closer look to the window "Userdatas" and check there your EPC number. It should be five digits long with leading nulls. There exists also a new field which you have to fill with all used call signs in yourlog (club station, previous call signs etc.).
  • FIX "Error of Success", now all were members again
  • ADD Full Proxy support
  • CHANGE in case of XML errors, the UltimateEPC.pak will be deleted, so hopefully at the next start all will be ok
  • CHANGE KZPA, to get most points of your QSOs
  • CORRECTED ER02 (and not ER03) counts now for BSA (tnx OK1AKU)
  • FIX double backslash in the GoogleEarth path (tnx RW0LZ)
  • FIX YT6 is counted as 4O from 28-06-2006 to 11-05-2007
  • FIX ADIF evaluation for ALBA (tnx DK1IO)
  • FIX PLPXPA Joker countings (tnx RD3BD)
  • FIX FPXPA TK will be counted, too (tnx OH2-612)
  • FIX SHPA /0..9 will be counted, too (tnx OH2-612)
  • FIX R1FJ in OFA (tnx RA3QH)
  • FIXES in WPA (tnx DK1IO) and the NDG program (tnx PS7DX)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.5DK5UR2009-10-11
  • FIX CORSICA manager email - sri, for my fat fingers - all applications were sent to nirvana
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.4DK5UR2009-10-09
  • CHANGE KZPA region computing, taking database from KFRR site (tnx UN8CC)
  • FIX URPA Area computing (tnx UR3LTD)
  • FIX WPA also non EPCs are counting (tnx OE6JFG)
  • FIX WLA LH counting (tnx F6EAO)
  • ENABLED ROPA apply button - new manager Jim YO6AJI
  • FIX Sudden death while log checking after member database update
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.2DK5UR2009-10-01
  • FIX ECC apply button (tnx YT1DL)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.1DK5UR2009-10-01
  • FIXES IN NEARLY ALL NEW AND SOME OLD AWARDS (tnx OE6JFG, PS7DX, CT1BWU, UA6JGG and all the others for the fast bug reports)
UltimateEPC v0.8.5.0DK5UR2009-09-30
  • Only B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63 and B(Q)PSK125 contacts are valid for EPC awards
  • new award program support of the NDG, awards are free for EPC members
  • realtime language switching
  • new language module
  • new help module
  • members in GoogleEarth
  • added important EPC links
  • redesigned the my awards window (more colours ;-))
  • PSKFA awards were discontinued and deleted from Awards II tab
  • fixed user and password problems with SQL servers (tnx N9VEL)
  • fixed missing PAs in EU Area selection (icons.dfg and Alarmlist) (tnx DL2KXA)
  • implemented full support for HRD 5
  • implemented direct access to SWISSLOG 5 database (tnx OE6JFG)
  • Fix problems with DigiPan log and ADIF (tnx DF1GP) and direct access (tnx SV8GXC)
  • Fix a two yreas old bug with the EU borders (tnx DK1IO)
  • Fix problems with proxy and internet award check
  • Fix unlock request for CDG awards (tnx SP6JIR)
  • Fix CQ3EPC for PECSA award (tnx DL2MWB)
  • added UE9CAA and R1150NV as 10 point SES to EPCRU (tnx RW3DQC)
  • many other bug fixes related to SWLs (tnx SV8GXC)
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.9DK5UR2009-06-14
  • corrected some issues with WACPA award (tnx SV8GXC)
  • corrected GRPA jolly calculation
  • corrected award confirmation through Inet, if not already checked the award -> check will be done automatically
  • facelifting in About window
  • changed "My Awards" window -> not necessary to set award status anymore, this will be done automatically
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.8DK5UR2009-06-03
  • added CQ3EPC to PECSA award (tnx YO6EX)
  • added R210ASP as SES to EPCRU award (tnx RW3DQC)
  • changed award confirmation through Inet (tnx OE6JFG and OZ1HPS)
  • moved ITPA from IK2HNG to IW8CGX
  • moved ICESA and IPXPA from IK2HNG to IK8OZV
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.7DK5UR2009-05-28
  • fixed HRD DSN TX-PWR problem (tnx DD4MS)
  • fixed MWCA evaluation for /QRP calls (tnx DG4MND)
  • We have had received in the last days hundreds of useless applications. Reason: You don't set the award status to received when you have get an award. Also a huge number of members act like a "Pavlov's dog", if they saw an asterix and an active apply button it must be pushed - even if they have done only twenty or fifty qsos since the last application. So, you have to retrieve the issued awards from the database on epc-mc.de before the log would be checked and set the award status automatically to received. Never the less, you can do this furthermore by yourself. With other words: If the internet comparision with your local datas fails -> NO apply button Sorry for that, but we do this job in our sparetime! We can not afford to waste time with unreflected applications. You can recognize the status in the statusbar: white LED: unchecked yellow LED: retrieving datas from epc-mc.de green LED: all okay, no new (not downloaded) awards blue LED: you have undownloaded awards at epc-mc.de red LED: couldn't connect to epc-mc.de A click with left mouse button at the LED in the status bar gives you further information which awards are awaiting.
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.6DK5UR2009-05-16
  • MASTER: missing apply button fixed
  • fixed email adress problem at the start page
  • added some missing translations
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.5DK5UR2009-05-12
  • added CRUMB and SHPA
  • MASTER: evaluation fixed
  • ODESSA: evaluation fixed
  • added some missing translations
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.4DK5UR2009-05-07
  • added EPCRU and ODESSA
  • GNOME: change comment to #QRP
  • YLPA: change evaluation for club stations, pse add to comment field #YL or #CSYL for yl club station
  • MMPA: corrections in application procedure
  • tnx to Nuno, CT2FPE for portuguese translation
  • Changed application routine
  • "my awards": award in green = at least one award has been worked award in red = at least one award has been requested
  • Statistics window works as it should
  • BQPA, EPCMA, PSKFA and UKPA update award status works correct again
  • add donation button, because many questions
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.3DK5UR2009-04-16
  • GNOME: adopt the new rules, QRP in COMMENT field or /QRP both will be counted
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.2DK5UR2009-04-15
  • yet another EAMA correction (tnx to RN3DHL)
  • GNOME implemented
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.1DK5UR2009-04-10
  • thanks for greek translation to George, SV8GXC
  • slightly changes in EAMA calculation
  • fixed apply button bug in EPCMA (tnx RU0ALL)
  • log without /MM causes sometimes IMA crash fixed (tnx DL5UR)
  • direct access to DXbase2007 database
  • YLPA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.8.4.0DK5UR2009-04-04
  • EAMA implemented
  • managers changed
  • the userdatas and award sccores will be stored into the registry
  • face lifting of my award window
  • some internals changed
  • award applications can be send only with the latest version
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.6DK5UR2009-02-14
  • Add a second run to mail application, if the main server doesn't answered.
  • and another ADIF fix
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.5DK5UR2009-02-10
  • Changes in PECSA rules needs to be adapted
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.4DK5UR2009-02-08
  • Tnx to Luc, ON8UM for translation to Nederlands
  • Autoupdate function improved - for the last time, i hope ;-)
  • ITPA some improvements
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.3DK5UR2009-02-07
  • once again ADIF check improved
  • UltimateEPC speaks now Français - tnx to Léon, OS0S
  • ITPA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.2DK5UR2009-01-06
  • correct XML update for CDG awards ( DXCA will be shown now in 'my awards')
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.1DK5UR2009-01-06
  • improved ADIF check (IOPA, MGSPA)
UltimateEPC v0.8.3.0DK5UR2009-01-01
  • CDG awards for EPC members for free
  • application server is now user defined, try which on fits for your region (userdatas)
  • access rights for the pak and xml files in Vista and XP corrected
  • icons.cfg dew to the line limitation of this file, only not worked EPC members will be added, you can also select special EU areas to limit the file size...
  • some internals changed
  • UltimateEPC speaks now italian - tnx to Andy, IK2HNG
  • awards are issued only in JPEG and PDF
  • lot of bug fixes
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.27DK5UR2008-12-05
  • PTPA implemented
  • UltimateEPC is now resizeable
  • lot of bug fixes
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.26DK5UR2008-11-09
  • NLPA implemented
  • CQ zone bug with ADIF files fixed
  • for larger applications like EUSPA-2000 and up application route changed
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.25DK5UR2008-11-02
  • hopefully i get rid of the annoying try to update the program everytime you hit the update button
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.24DK5UR2008-11-02
  • ITU zones for VE, W, BY, JT, UA, PY, CE, LU and Antarctica were calculated from the GRID
  • R35NP CQ zone will be calculated from the GRID
  • EPCDL evaluation improved
  • statistics splitted
  • changed personal data path from User to All User data path for XP it should be "C:\documents and settings\All Users\application datas\EPC" and for Vista it should be "C:\ProgramDatas\EPC"
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.23DK5UR2008-08-31
  • bug in Proxy routine: UltimateEPC stucks in normal mode - fixed
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.22DK5UR2008-08-31
  • FRPA implemented
  • mini statistics
  • Proxy support improved
  • translated to czech (OK1WCF)
  • Export worked GRIDs to DXAtlas (MGSPA)
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.21DK5UR2008-07-11
  • minor bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.20DK5UR2008-06-24
  • And again a fix for application routine
  • portable UltimateEPC
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.19DK5UR2008-06-24
  • non public
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.18DK5UR2008-06-24
  • XP/Vista bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.17DK5UR2008-06-24
  • Yet another Win98 problem, but fixed it
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.16DK5UR2008-06-23
  • OCSPA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.15DK5UR2008-06-22
  • AFSPA implemented
  • SASPA implemented
  • ESPANA: AO0EXPO and EA0JC will count as jolly
  • Translated to spanish (EA4AFA) and russian (RX3DTN)
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.14DK5UR2008-06-13
  • NASPA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.13DK5UR2008-06-11
  • IOPA application works again
  • update check automated
UltimateEPC v0.8.2.12DK5UR2008-06-09
  • ASSPA implemented
  • direct access to DXKeeper log data base (*.mdb)
UltimateEPC v0.8.1.2DK5UR2008-05-22
  • Yet another Win98 problem, but fixed it
  • ESPANA implemented
  • MASTER percentage corrceted If you apply for a MASTER award with "old" software, you won't get the correct percentage and your application would be rejected
UltimateEPC v0.8.0.0DK5UR2008-05-20
  • Setup routine changed, pak and xml file will be stored in ...\Documents and Settings\"User Name"\Local Settings\Application Data\EPC. At the first time you should choose your existing UltimateEPC.xml
  • MWCA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.7.3.113DK5UR2008-04-28
  • minor bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.7.3.112DK5UR2008-04-28
  • at least the correct EU areas for /p calls will be displayed - if known
  • DXCC table splitted into standard and special, for older versions only the standard routine will be available
UltimateEPC v0.7.3.111DK5UR2008-04-27
  • CPPA evaluation corrected
  • CESA implemented
UltimateEPC v0.7.2.100DK5UR2008-04-21
  • CPPA evaluation corrected
UltimateEPC v0.7.2DK5UR2008-04-21
  • CPPA implemented
  • MMPA application changed
UltimateEPC v0.7.1DK5UR2008-04-05
  • division by zero causes crash under Win98
UltimateEPC v0.7DK5UR2008-04-01
  • proxy support without authentification, if needed drop me a mail
  • AwardMaster implemented
  • open your standard log with one click
  • award tabs reorganized
  • alarm list for 070, 30MDG, CDG, DMC, FH, OMC
  • some internal changes
UltimateEPC v0.6.2DK5UR2008-03-10
  • Application of BQPA, EPCMA, PSKFA and UKPA aborts the program - fixed (tnx to Barry M0IOW)
UltimateEPC v0.6.1DK5UR2008-03-10
  • adjusted XML output for calls which begins with a number
  • GRPA evaluation improved
UltimateEPC v0.6DK5UR2008-03-09
  • direct access to the HRD/DM780 log
  • GRPA implemented
  • POGA implemented
  • internal data handling changed
UltimateEPC v0.0.5g3DK5UR2008-02-13
  • CZPA calculation corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.5g2DK5UR2008-02-11
  • EUROPA special regions of the EU reorganised
UltimateEPC v0.0.5g1DK5UR2008-02-11
  • EUROPA ZC4 and TK added into evaluation
UltimateEPC v0.0.5gDK5UR2008-02-10
  • EPC30 added
  • EUROPA added
  • DM780 alarm list
UltimateEPC v0.0.5f5DK5UR2008-02-04
  • additional MGSPA awards added
UltimateEPC v0.0.5f4DK5UR2008-02-03
  • non public
UltimateEPC v0.0.5f3DK5UR2008-01-31
  • all evaluations redesigned
  • minor bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.0.5f2DK5UR2008-01-19
  • PSKFA: BPSKxxF would be also counted
  • stripping more "useless" call sign addons like /EURO etc...
UltimateEPC v0.0.5f1DK5UR2008-01-14
  • ECSA: added qso points and multis to report
  • added Button to the award rules
UltimateEPC v0.0.5fDK5UR2008-01-08
  • ECSA evaluation improved
  • CZPA Platinum and Diamond added
UltimateEPC v0.0.5eDK5UR2008-01-07
  • ECSA award rules implemented
UltimateEPC v0.0.5dDK5UR2007-12-23
  • EUSPA-Master award rules implemented - no new award tab, just have a look at the EUSPA tab
UltimateEPC v0.0.5c2DK5UR2007-12-10
  • EPC-CRO award rules corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.5c1DK5UR2007-12-08
  • EPC-CRO manager email adress corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.5cDK5UR2007-12-08
  • EPC-CRO evaluation
  • messagebox shows again text after applying for an award
UltimateEPC v0.0.5b2DK5UR2007-11-21
  • new installation and call changeing is possible again
  • messagebox after applying for an award is empty - it's ok your application were send (work for next time ;-) )
UltimateEPC v0.0.5b1DK5UR2007-11-12
  • CZPA calls in ADIF evaluation corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.5bDK5UR2007-11-12
  • PSKFA evaluation (mode have to be PSK63F, PSK125F or PSK220F)
UltimateEPC v0.0.5a3DK5UR2007-09-29
  • Just changing manager email adresses to the new ones
UltimateEPC v0.0.5a2DK5UR2007-09-23
  • My awards: temporary license key replaced, sorry for that ;-)
UltimateEPC v0.0.5a1DK5UR2007-09-19
  • CZPA display of vacation stations corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.5aDK5UR2007-09-18
  • 60m and 4m will be counted
  • server switching, in case one of them is temporarily down
  • add info line to result file with Version and databse date
UltimateEPC v0.0.5DK5UR2007-09-17
  • UKPA implemented
  • several bugfixes
  • change application routines for all awards from email to HTTP, so i hope that now everybody can use the software
UltimateEPC v0.0.4cDK5UR2007-09-02
  • AUPA implemented
  • several bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.0.4bDK5UR2007-09-01
  • non public
UltimateEPC v0.0.4a3DK5UR2007-08-27
  • award window: EPCDL's would be shown correct
UltimateEPC v0.0.4a2DK5UR2007-08-23
  • BEPA Flanders award counting corrected
  • call signs with slash will be changed to saveable values
UltimateEPC v0.0.4a1DK5UR2007-08-21
  • CZPA evaluation corrected
UltimateEPC v0.0.4aDK5UR2007-08-21
  • CZPA impemented
UltimateEPC v0.0.4DK5UR2007-08-21
  • larger toolbar buttons
  • extended award window
  • Error tab could be saved
  • copying of the windows isn't possible anymore
  • minor bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.0.3DK5UR2007-07-29
  • error tab
  • 6m qso's counts now to WACPA
  • SWL/DMS station could use the software, too
  • redeveloping the evaluation routines
  • new user administration
  • new award window, for personal awards
  • several bugfixes and tons of new ones ;-)
UltimateEPC v0.0.2aDK5UR2007-07-12
  • minor bugfixes
UltimateEPC v0.0.2DK5UR2007-07-12
  • First Public Release
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